WVC Customer Policies

  • If you want to know about our collies, you email us. We do not give out our phone number.
  • If you are interested in a collie from WVC, you fill out the Questionnaire and send it in via email. If you cannot open the Word doc format of the Questionnaire, we can send you a plain text file for you to fill out. We will contact you. We reserve the right to investigate all potential owners of our collies. We only want the best of homes for our collies and require a fenced home environment.
  • All serious buyers will be required to place $100 deposit on adult or puppy from WVC, after our new born puppies are two weeks old. Deposit will be refunded, if we are not able to fulfill the commitment to you at the time of release (8 weeks or later).
  • All our puppies are released at 10 weeks or later and have the following:
    -MDR status is known; -Microchip is implanted; -Litter is examined by a eye vet; -Litter is examined for fitness to release by one of our favorite vets; -Breeder will have done worming and starter Parvo/Distemper shots by 8 weeks of age.
  • Pet Buyers must understand Breeders and Show/Performance Homes get first pick of the litter. So don't expect the pick of the litter for a pet home.
  • Prices will range from $1000+ for a collie on up, depending upon quality.
  • We do not finance your purchase, so all money must be paid up-front before we release a dog to including other charges that may come up in your purchase, such as shipping, etc. 
  • All purchasers must sign a contract with WVC and all purchasers are provided a complete and accurate folder about their collie, including all health records etc. We will follow up on the life of our placed collies as best we can. We are involved!
  • We do provide Paypal as an option for financial transactions.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a sale. No everyone gets a collie from us, just because they liked Lassie.
  • We are NOT A PET STORE! We are a private home and a Licensed Hobby Breeder in the state of Nevada and reserve the right to protect our privacy as guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.
  • Nevada Buyers will be required to pay sales tax by separate check made out to the: NV Dept of Taxation.
  • All Pet Sales are on a spay/neuter contract. WVC will retain the AKC registration until proof of spay/neuter according to the contract.
  • All collies sold will have the prefix in the AKC name of ‘Washoe’ in their AKC registered name.
  • We do occasionally have stud services available, but we reserve the right to investigate all potential breeding bitches. Email us privately. .
  • Breeders and other professional homes are on a different contract from pet buyers and this will be discussed once we get to know you. Email us privately.
  • Parents of our litter are DNA tested for common collie genetic diseases (where possible).Some may have other OFA examinations done, such as the hips. So buyers know the genetic/OFA background of their puppy.
  • We do neural stimulation on our newborn pups and follow the philosophy of puppy enrichment as advocated by
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WVC is a disbled woman-owned small business!
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Washoe Valley Collies is licensed in the state of of Nevada and collects sales tax on NV sales.