Our New Brazilian Collies

SunnyStack16mo-old-Jan262014We have formed a collaboration with Fairieland Collies of San Paulo Brazil, to bring in the loveliness and excitement of the Brazilian-style Collie. We were lucky with our first litter out of this breeding of our second generation WVC girl, Washoe’s Burnished Gold, CGC and Tornado. We combined her Clarion and Milas pedigrees with Fairieland Washoe Brazilian Tornado. The litter of 2012 gave us six healthy pups of half Brazilian type in pedigree and genetics: five boys and one girl. 

Out of that effort we nurtured and cherished our ‘favorite son’ we called Washoe’s Sol Brasileiro  (Brazilian Sun or Sunny)  in Portuguese to honor his Brazilian ancestry. And he was named so because of his rich gold-colored coat and his wonderful, happy personality. 

Sunny is the grandson of the fabled Fairieland Fairy Queen of Brazil and hearkens down from the famous Milas “Cisco” and Milas “Carlos” and Ch. Clarion Incognito on the American side of the family.Queen-Tor dam Sunny has been health and genetic tested as much as we can at this young age.

Here are a list of his health stats:

Health Stats:

  • PRA-Clear
  • MDR-Normal/Normal
  • DM-Clear
  • OFA-Thyroid Normal
  • OFA-Cardio Clear

Achievements to-date (January 2014)

  • AKC Title: Canine Good Citizen
  • CCA: Herding Instinct Certificate
  • AKC Title: BN Obedience

We are grooming Sunny for a career in the show ring and to continue on with our breeding program to incorporate the Brazilian beauty into our current Brandwyne-based collies. We can't wait to see the kind of pups Sunny sires for us this year. This will be our third generation of Brandwyne-style collies bred to be healthy, athletic and work with humans! So stay tuned. As is our policy all the collies we keep for breeding are health/genetic tested so we know what genetic and health factors we are dealing with in our line. This genetic and health screening is not a cheap thing to do, but it pays off in the long run!

Oh yes, and indeed Sunny is not just a pretty face, but he LOVES the sheep and is an avid and athletic herding collie!
Go Get'em Sunny!
WVC collies do it all, not only brains and beauty, but good health and a great working drive!

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