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We are a small breeder of AKC Rough Collies located in northern Nevada (near Carson City and Lake Tahoe, which you can see on Mapquest). I almost forgot! We recently became an AKC Breeder of Merit! BK-Jack-small photo

WVC_Collies_Nov1508We believe that a collie can be beautiful as well as healthy. This is why we health and genetic test our breeding stock. Feed excellent diets, including raw meat and supplements. And only breed about once a year, to further our breeding plans to create the next generation of rough collies.

At minimum our breeding stock is MDR and PRA genetically tested. 2646_Kubichka B  DN35173006_5_s0But we usually do more tests with OFA(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and other labs as needed. Examples of other tests we do besides MDR and PRA are: OFA hips/elbows/thyroid/cardio; allergy testing if necessary (Heska and Spectrum Labs), CBC and Chem Panels, etc. We like to know as much as we possibly can about the health background our dogs carry within their DNA. We also strictly breed for good Optigen database 2013structure, happy and working temperaments, as well as intelligence and the beauty of the Brandwyne style to perform well in the conformation show ring as well as in herding and performance trials.

Our collie line’s heritage is Brandwyne-based harkening back to the famous Back East lines with big coat and excellent head features. Based on the standards Trudy Mangels set back in the 1960s and 1970s.

We have recently added the Brazilian Collie dna to our mix. We have imported a sable stud dog from Fairieland Collies of San Paulo Brazil. We have been very pleased with our first litter by Tornado.

WFamily Outing-2112015e don’t have many litters as we like to grow up our puppies and see what they are made of. WE prefer quality over quantity. And thus we grow out many of our puppies to see what  quality we are producing and then we can feel confident we know what we are producing!

We have many customers who are: pet owners who love our collies’ temperaments; show homes, with a few champions under our name; and a few performance homes with lots of back-end AKC performance titles on their WVC collies.Puppylove1Blue and his new Mom-Feb 10 2015

We don't just make collies, we work our collies in herding, obedience and conformation. So we are not just a breeder of dogs, we actually have a personal relationship with our stock and work them in the the Puppylove4various areas of dog sports in America. Our collies do not reside their lives in small concrete kennels, but live in the home with us and run our ranch. We maintain a small flock of sheep for our collies, so they are raised to be herding dogs first before they ever enter a show ring! Collies are after all, a herding breed.

We are proud to have International relationships with breeders in Sweden and in Brazil now,Yumi 090712 01 and many collie friends in Europe and in South America! So we are not just local to northern Nevada and cranking out litters for the pet market. We produce good collies with verified health checks that are well structured and beautiful. And we keep many of our collies into old age. So we, in essence, know our line and what is produced by our matings.

We are licensed in our state of Nevada and collect and pay sales tax to Nevada Department of Taxation. So we are a very small Nevada business who pays our share of taxes! AKCBreederofMeritlogo

Ultimately it's quality over quantity for us! Thank you for visiting! - WVC

NOTE: And here is a surprsing, unsolcited comment about our quality breeding program....I was ‘gobsmacked’ as they say over-the-pond, when I found this comment about our kennel! I have no clue who this commentor was - but a big thanks to them for the comment!

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WVC is a disbled woman-owned small business!
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Washoe Valley Collies is licensed in the state of of Nevada and collects sales tax on NV sales.