Some recent photos of our new Brazlian-American litter of roughs. First outing on January 19, 2015 at 8.ORANGE AND GREEN25 weeks old.




NOTICE: We are releasing two 8 month old sable roughs, Baby and Buddy, to pet homes. Discounts apply for right homes. And our white show dog Lanceman is still looking for a retirement home. Very reasonable prices for some of our purebred collies to the right homes.  See our Customer Policy page.

This new litter is sold out..



WVC GuaranteeWVC_Collies_Nov1508

All WVC breeding stock is DNA-tested before breeding and also other health screenings that are not DNA, like OFA x-rays etc.are done.... and this includes temperament testing. We will not intentionally breed aggressive or shy dogs!!!! Our dogs must fit within Human Society with ease!

 We supply all health documents to Buyers, so you know what we know..... and know what you are getting when you purchase a WVC Collie! Unlike many other Breeders, we tell The Truth! And we supply ongoing customer support long after the sale. We keep many generations of our own breedings to grow out and observe as they age. So we thoroughly know our stock, the good, the bad, and the ugly.......unlike some breeders who borrow stock from others and do not test. So what they produce is a gamble!

We know what we have in our hands and what we are selling to you. We do respect our Consumers, and believe they deserve our respect and that they deserve good customer service. We sometimes will even take dogs back, including paying for the dog and shipping, depending upon the circumstances.
We have successfully raised good rough collies for over 12 years now and have many dogs that have succeeded in conformation, performance, and therapy work. And we receive compliments all the time how healthy our collies are!

We are not making dogs to make money. We occasionally produce a well-bred litter to perpetuate our breeding program into the future. So we do not have puppies that often. So that is who we are.

WE love our breed, the rough collie, and we believe the dogs we produce deserve the BEST of LIVES while on this Earth. And it is our goal to make sure that happens. And that is also why we are picky as to who gets our dogs. So please be patient! it will be worth it for the Quality! ~Washoe Valley Collies - AKC Breeder of Merit - Licensed in Nevada


My thoughts on breeding, condensed  ......I see many websites that advertise healthy breeding....but I ask myself, where is the proof? Do I see any evidence these breeders have tested their breeding stock? And do we have the actual reports from the various labs to back up our claims? Seemingly “NO” is the answer. So I ask you, Dear Collie Loving Consumer, have you done your due diligence investigation of this breeder and asked the hard questions? You drive the market demand for puppies! If you do not show breeders you want higher quality of health in the collies YOU INVEST IN, then you accept bad breeding practices in many cases. Tests do no insure everything will be perfect, but at least the known defects have been examined before a careful breeding takes place!
These are a few suggestions from me, when you do your research:

  • What is the MDR status of the parents or expected status of these pups?
  • What is the PRA status of the parents or expected pups?
  • What kind of diet do you feed the mom during pregnancy?
  • What kind of temperaments do you breed for?
  • And where does the mom and pups live before you accept them as your own?
  • And show me the lab reports on the parents? verbal explanations are not sufficient!
  • And where is the evidence this breeder is active in AKC or UKC sports with their pack of dogs?
    or are they just warehousing breeding stock to make a cash crop of puppies?
  • Referrals from past customers about dogs purchased and customer service received?
  • Lastly does your future “Lassie” actually look somewhat like the breed standard? You can see the breed standard at the Collie Club of America by clicking here.

If your breeder answers these questions honestly and fully, I would say you have hit gold! So I recommend BUYER BEWARE, AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! oh get a contract too! ~ WVC

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Last update:01/22/15
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Washoe Valley Collies is licensed in the state of Nevada and collects sales tax on NV sales.