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As of July 2013, we will be PennHIP or x-raying all our professional show and breeding prospect puppies. We always screen hips before we breed and will continue to do so. It is our goal to breed only the HEALTHIEST and happiest herding collies! And we are lucky we found Dr. Hewitt at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital in Carson City Nevada to be our partner in our quest to breed healthy dogs!  Read: Hip Dysplasia Susceptibility in Dogs May Be Underreported, According to Penn Vet Comparative Study

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All WVC breeding stock is DNA-tested before breeding and also other health screenings that are not DNA, like OFA x-rays etc.are done.... and this includes temperament testing. We will not intentionally breed aggressive or shy dogs!!!! Our dogs must fit within Human Society with ease!

 We supply all health documents to Buyers, so you know what we know..... and know what you are getting when you purchase a WVC Collie! Unlike many other Breeders, we tell The Truth! And we supply ongoing customer support long after the sale. We keep many generations of our own breedings to grow out and observe as they age. So we thoroughly know our stock, the good, the bad, and the ugly.......unlike some breeders who borrow stock from others and do not test. So what they produce is a gamble!

We know what we have in our hands and what we are selling to you. We do respect our Consumers, and believe they deserve our respect and that they deserve good customer service. We sometimes will even take dogs back, including paying for the dog and shipping, depending upon the circumstances.We also work with NorCal Collie Rescue.
We have successfully raised good rough collies for over 12 years now and have many dogs that have succeeded in conformation, performance, and therapy work. And we receive compliments all the time how healthy our collies are!

We are not making dogs to make money. We occasionally produce a well-bred litter to perpetuate our breeding program into the future. So we do not have puppies that often. So that is who we are.

WE love our breed, the rough collie, and we believe the dogs we produce deserve the BEST of LIVES while on this Earth. And it is our goal to make sure that happens. And that is also why we are picky as to who gets our dogs. So please be patient! it will be worth it for the Quality! ~Washoe Valley Collies - AKC Breeder of Merit - Licensed in Nevada


Attempting to do a breeding this spring on line bred Clarion-type family. Stay tuned. Anticipate the breeding to happen in May 2014. The rest is up to our girl.

Rocky's body-oct2013The Rocky Saga continues.........Recently, well about six months ago, Goodwin's Tru-Vu Rock Star joined us unexpectedly from Goodwins Collies of Illinois. He is a normal-eyed, non-carrier of CEA. He was ‘sold’ to us as a potential breeding stud. However he was sent without any health information on him or vet inspection, so he was taken to our Vet in Carson City where a comprehensive health screening and lab testing was done on him.
He turned out to be heart worm positive and WVC had to spend alot of money‘cure’ him of this documented disease. And the list goes on what was not well with poor Rocky. We have been silent too long about this poor dog, who came underweight, unexpected, with very bad (stubs in front and needs extractions in the rear of mouth) and dirty teeth, no medical records, unsocialized, and was tested Rocky's teeth-oct2013heart worm positive.
We have since given him love and good food, human attention (he lived in a barn most of his prior life, so I was told by Goodwins) and medical attention he needed to save his life from dying of heartworm disease in a few years.
We are now in a legal situation with Goodwin Collies to rectify this situation and get the AKC registration on poor Rocky.
As Breeders, we find it sad that some Breeders think they are above the law! and you see this far too often. So please collie lovers, read beyond the hype and do your homework! Even a Breeder as strict as us, can be taken advantage of as a consumer. ~WVC

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Washoe Valley Collies is licensed in the state of Nevada and collects sales tax on sales.